August 5th: School Familyfest at Carroll Park, Baltimore
Milkshake Duo - 
Live performance 7 PM
September 4th: Zoo Bop at the Maryland Zoo! 
Milkshake Trio - 
Live performance 12 Noon
September 4th: 50th Anniversary Celebration - Mall in Columbia 
Milkshake Band - Live performance at 3 PM
September 23rd: Family Fest at JCC 
Milkshake Duo  - 
Live performance at 10 AM
October 24th -  Harvest Fest at the Waterfront and Rash Field - Baltimore Inner Harbor 
Milkshake Trio  - Two l
ive performances between 1 PM and 3 PM
November 11th: Santa at the Mall in Columbia - Milkshake Duo 
Live performance at 10 AM
November 26th: Kennedy Krieger Festival of Trees - Milkshake 
Virtual performance at 10 AM