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A MILKSHAKE PERFORMANCE:  Milkshake can reconfigure to any event: Milkshake Duo of Lisa and Mikel, Milkshake Trio or Milkshake Band. See Booking contact below.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES:  Lisa and Mikel love doing birthday parties, either in person or virtual. Contact Lisa directly at

CELEBRATION SONGS:  Lisa and Mikel will write a special you-and-your-celebration only song. Tell us about your celebration - even a wedding or divorce - and we'll write a song for you. Prices vary. Contact Lisa directly at

LICENSING:  "Bottle of Sunshine" for your orange juice commercial? One of our lullabies for your baby scenes in a sitcom? "Home" or "Book of Dreams" for an insurance commercial? New songs for your hit cartoon? Of course - and we'll write 'em for you if we don't already have the perfect tune. To license one of our award-winning songs, contact us directly at

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