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Milkshake has been making original kid-friendly music since 2002. They have released five award-winning CDs, a DVD, a comic book featuring the band as cartoon characters, and music videos for PBS Kids, Nick Jr. and the ToddWorld cartoon. Their Great Day release received a Grammy nomination for Best Musical Recording for Children.

What people are saying

"It is this union of sophisticated music with catchy lyrics and playful execution that makes Milkshake the triple-crown winner of kids' tunes. They create a musical common ground for families."

Erica Zamensky, Maryland Life

"Milkshake has a sincerity and sophistication among children’s recording artists that’s fairly rare. They have firsthand experience as parents, and they are an amazing band whose songs are conceptual and fully thought out pieces of music."        

Kenny Curtis, SiriusXM Radio KidsPlace

"Kids – and their parents won’t have any trouble getting giddy over the 14 irrepressible originals in this rock-for-tots album. Sunny and bighearted, this one is a keeper." 

Suelain Moy, Parenting Magazine

“We love having Milkshake perform at Strathmore.  Thanks again for an exciting evening for families, with a high degree of musical integrity AND lots of fun!”  

Betty Scott, Strathmore Center for the Arts

Singer Lisa Mathews and guitarist Mikel Gehl (of the indie band Love Riot) front Milkshake, a fizzy contemporary band that really rocks without losing sight of its target audience.


Lynne Heffley, Los Angeles Times

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