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                G                        Em
I’m a superhero, super as can be.

                                C                                  D
Gonna save the whole world, ‘cause I believe in me.

                 G                       Em
I’m a superhero, trying to do good

                             C                  D           G
Makin things a little better, like everybody should


D                  C                     G         C
You think I’m so amazing, it’s hard to believe

D                C                      F               D
All my superpowers are in my heart, you see.


                 G                               Em
I’m a Superhero, searching for the truth

                       C                                 D
Looking for the answers and putting them to use.

                G                             Em
I’m a Superhero, learning how to read

                     C                D          G
I get my superpowers from my library.


You think I’m so amazing, it’s hard to believe
All my superpowers are in my heart you see.


Batman, Superman, fireman

Jump into buildings saving who they can,

You can always count on them.

X-men, Spiderman, teachers, too

Mothers, fathers, me and you,

We know just what we gotta do.

I’m a superhero – at least I try to be
I’m a Superhero, you can count on me.

Words & Music: Lisa Mathews & Miles Anderson
© 2006 Milkshake Music





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