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The band is jamming

Everyone’s dancing

D                                  G
Friends are coming by to play.

Guitars ringing,

Everybody’s singing

D                             C
It’s another beautiful day.

G                      C                     D
So Shake it Up! (Don’t just sit there!)

G                  C               D
Shake it Up! (have some fun)

G                  C                 D
Shake it Up! (so much to share)

C                    D
Come on everyone…

Shake it Up!

Planet turning

Always learning

That’s what it’s all about

Everybody moving

Keep on grooving

Come on let me hear you shout

Shake it up….

Em                                                          Am
there’s no limit to the cool things we can do…(keep thinking-always thinking)

Em                                                          Bm
Put our heads together, find a new way to the Moon! (no limit-just begin it.)

F                                                C
Cause when you color outside the lines

F                                C
Guarantee you’ll find a new design…

F                                                          D
You might see the world in a brand new light (that’s right)

Words & music: L. Mathews, M. Gehl





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