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E                                                      E/D/A/E
I really love the weekends, I do a lot of things

E                                                           E/D/A/E
I like to go out walking, and think up songs to sing.

I got a backyard filled with all my toys-

I run around and make a lot of noise but

E                                 C#m            B
I can’t wait to get back to School

       A                                     B                               E
No matter what other kids say, I have a lot of fun

E                                               C#m             B
When we’re learning things here at School

A                            B                                E
I bet anyone can see we have a lot of fun.

I have really great teachers, who are never ever mean
I know NY and California and all the states between.
I can tell you all the colors of the rainbow
I understand just what makes the moon glow.

C#m                      A                                       E  B
I’m not saying it’s easy, you know there are times

C#m                          A                                 E  B
When I’d rather not read, write or memorize.

But I love music, math and art

   A                                    B
Putting things together, taking them apart

Words & music: Lisa Mathews & Mikel Gehl
© 2004 Deck Party Music





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