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B                  E            F#            B
Imagination Nation’s where I’ll be

B            E                         F#              B
So open up your mind and come with me

B                 E         F#         B
So much to do, so much to see

     F#                         (B)
In Imagination Nation                     

E                          B
Tell me what you see

B                             C#                 (B)
(A baby dinosaur in pink pajamas)

E                            B
When we make-believe

B                                                  C#                      (B)
(Don’t make a lotta noise – here comes his mama)

E                  G#m
I can see it, too

G#m                                  B
(We can hide behind that big volcano)

E                          F#7
When I play with you.

Even late at night
(That’s the perfect time to look for fairies)
I just close my eyes
(They fly around just making merry)
Listen to them sing
(a little song about the stars a-twinkling)
Dream up anything

A7                                           C#m
We’ll change the color of the sky

Ab7                                   C#m
Put on our hero suits and fly

F#                               B
Build a rocket to the moon

We’ll be up there pretty

E                            F#                   B
Soon we’ll have to be back home again.

Words & music: Lisa Mathews, Miles Anderson & Mike Gehl
© 2006 Milkshake Music





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