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Woke up fell out of my bed, yeah
Can’t find a thing to wear
and it looks like I’m gonna be late for school again.

Mom’s yelling, dog is barking
Eggs are cold and it’s going too far when
I have to wait for the bus in the rain.

We all need to find our way.
Somewhere where we can all feel safe.

I’m going to my Happy Place
Where everything’s okay
It’s a sunny day
I’m in my Happy Place.

We’re playing some favorite game when
You start callin’ me names and
I thought we were best of friends.

Fall hard on the playground
Scrape my knee, sinking way down
How much longer before this day ends?

And I’m in my Happy Place.
No one can touch me.
I’ve got everything I need.

Reach out and hit somebody
But I can’t cause that would be naughty.
So I keep it inside—someone tell me a joke!

Words: T. Moon, L. Mathews
Music: T. Moon, D. Chilcoat, M. Young





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