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Caption Contest

Write the caption for the photo of the month and win a Milkshake DVD sampler!

(A caption is a short description of a picture or photograph. In this case, the funnier, the better!)

After the contest deadline, the band will gather and read all submissions and choose a lucky winner. Submit your caption to Deadline is always the last day of each month.


Winning Caption: "DON'T LOOK! I'm having a bad blue-hair-and-horns day!"
Submitted by: Ethan 5 1/2 Irvine CA

August/September 2008

Winning Caption: Baseball piano is weird!
Submitted by: Eric 6 Baltimore MD

June/July caption

Winning Caption: "Does this tutu make me look fat?"
Submitted by: Riley John 5 1/2 White Hall MD


Winning Caption: "Huddle!"
Submitted by: Jesse Baltimore MD

January/February caption

Winning Caption: It's a tie! Two winners for this pic: "BUG!!!!!" (Kevin J) and "Fly, Fly, Flyyyyy!!!!!" (Logan O.)
Submitted by: Kevin J & Logan O


Winning Caption: "It's a bird. It's a plane.'s SuperLisa!"
Submitted by: Elodie Chapman 6 Years old Owings Mills MD


Winning Caption: "Who turned off the lights?"
Submitted by: Gwyneth, Camille & Chloe Butera 36, 8 & 5 years old Atlanta GA


Winning Caption: "We won! We Won! WE WON!"
Submitted by: Sienna Wildfield 29 West Chesterfield MA

May Contest

Winning Caption: "Can you hear me now?"
Submitted by: Ryan Ritzes Catonsville MD

April Contest

Winning Caption: "Why is it raining chicks? And why are they shaped like a heart? And is that cow coming out of a present?"
Submitted by: Hope Markowski 8 Reading PA

March 2007

Winning Caption: "Shake it up! Let's rock n' roll!"
Submitted by: Casey O'connor 5 years old Powell Ohio


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